Things to Do

When you want to get away from the chaos,

the Wellsboro area has what your mind and soul need!

Autumn in the PA Grand Canyon, Bradley Wales Vista

Autumn in the PA Grand Canyon, Bradley Wales Vista

Hiking, Biking & Exploring 

The PA Grand Canyon offers beautiful vistas and activities in every season. You can bike or walk through the base of the Canyon on the Pine Creek Rail Trail, and cross country ski along its path in winter. Outfitters can provide you with rentals of kayaks, canoes or rafts to float the Pine creek through the Canyon several months of the year. The Turkey Path is a great hike from the top of the Canyon to the bottom and passes by several waterfalls along the way. There are numerous other trails and vistas along both sides of the canyon- each with a unique view of the gorgeous mountains. You may be surprised to see bald eagles, deer, waterfalls - even a bear- one never knows what nature you may see!

Wellsboro's Main Street

A walk along Wellsboro's gaslight lined Main Street reveals a charming combination of old and new. There are storefronts, restaurants & galleries, so you can sip a cup of coffee and stroll along at your leisure. See a newly released movie at the historic art deco Arcadia Theatre. Don't forget to walk to the Green and throw a penny in the fountain of Wynken, Blynken & Nod... you might feel like a child again!

Spring Rain at Wynken, Blynken & Nod

Spring Rain at Wynken, Blynken & Nod

Endless Mountain Music Festival  - Asiya Korepanova

Catch a Concert or a Show

Wellsboro is a culturally rich community, with plays by Hamilton Gibson, concerts at the Deane Center for Performing Arts, art exhibits at the Gmeiner Art Center, Town Band on the Green, Community Concert Series, Hickory Fest, and Endless Mountain Music Festival which brings world-class orchestra musicians to our area for two weeks every summer!